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Merging over 35 years of building automation, security, access control with 15 years of autonomous mobile robot experience.

  • Autonomous Indoor Mobile Robots
    • Courier Bots
    • Avatars
    • UV Sterilizers
    • Bases
  • Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Facility Integration
    • Door Opener Interface modules
    • Elevator Interface modules
    • RFID, Proximity, SmartCard, BLE Access Control Accessories
    • Security System Integration
  • Sensor Packages
    • CO2, CO Gas detection
    • Accelerometers, Gyros
    • Water and other fluid detection
  • Custom Designed Manipulators and Payload Systems
    • Product and Specimen Delivery Containers
    • Drop Trays for on/off loading materials
    • UVC LED Arrays
  • Custom Engineering and Consulting
    • Embedded Software development
    • Mechanical Design
    • Circuit Board Design
  • Custom Fabrication
    • Laser Engraving and cutting
    • Final assembly and testing
    • Subassembly and harness fabrication

The video shows a fully autonomous mobile robot developed in 2005 that can freely navigate the interior space of a commercial building and interact with material handling stations such as a sample retrieval on-loading tray. The robot uses Lidar and a self-made map ( not lines or beacons ) to plan and execute its route. The robot communicates with the tray wirelessly and commands it to drop once it is in the correct location and orientation. Likewise, the robot is able to open doors, ride elevators, interact with building security and card access systems all using secure wireless communication outside of any corporate IT infrastructure. It can of course use the WiFi if necessary.

A fleet of similar robots to the one shown in the video was deployed in various commercial, industrial, and healthcare facilities around the country from 2005 to 2015. By far the most successful installation was Frances - a specimen delivery robot at a large hospital complex in Newark, DE. She ran for over 10 years in and around a pathology lab. Interacting with people, opening doors, avoiding temporary obstacles and construction and doing so with 99.9% up time and very few rescues. It is estimated that she ran over 1,000,000 missions which required opening 2 doors to exit and enter the main lab.

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